Monday, 24 of October of 2016

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Hong Kong Thinking

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I flew to Hong Kong on Friday; I’m running a workshop for a client on Monday and Tuesday. Here are some random observations:

  • Plane departed 15 minutes late because, according to the pilot, “we were a bit heavy” and they had to offload some cargo. What did they do, put a 747-400 on a scale? How did they know?
  • Facinating mix of old and new technology in use in HK. I was walking down the street observing the scaffolding used for the rebuilding of an older 10 to 12 story building. It was all hand-lashed bamboo. Tried and true technology at work. At the same time a bus pulled up and I watched a young man pass his wallet near a fare-reader by the driver. RF technology at work. Interesting mix of pragmatism.
  • Cell phone ubiquity — I walked down a busy shopping street. More than half of the young people I passed had a cell phone to their ear. Less than 10% of old people (like me) had a phone. I wonder what will seem old about the young people when they age? I wonder if they think they will ever get old?
  • Great public transportation. Lots of busses and trolleys and most of the riders were young. How will they feel about public transportation in the years to come?
  • Went for a walk, took a wrong turn and got lost. Fascinating experience when you don’t speak the language. Thank goodness for maps. I wonder if we could make better use “maps” in business to help the people who don’t speak the language of business find their way?

I’ve been traveling for about 40 years now — hate the travel — love the trip. It opens eyes. Comments?