Friday, 28 of October of 2016

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My goal — run a sub-four minute mile!

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I was on the treadmill this morning thinking about goals (personal, organizational, political, etc) and I decided that I should set a goal of running a sub-four mile by the end of the summer. But wait a minute! I’m going to be 63 in a couple of weeks and I weigh “about” 200 pounds. Good goal? Nope – dumb goal.

Organizational leaders often declare “stretch goals” for their team / business / whatever. However, I suspect that they don’t always situate the goals in reality. Tough, achievable goals are usually good. Dumb goals usually hurt the organization.

Question for you: what goals have you set for yourself, or your team, or your business? Are they good goals (tough but achievable) or are you setting everyone up for failure?