Tuesday, 25 of October of 2016

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Healthcare and Critical Thinking — using the concept of nested boxes

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Concepts help active critical thinkers organize their thinking. Sometimes the simplest of concepts work the best.

Reflect on the reality of workers in the healthcare system. I don’t care who you think about – it could be a doctor, a nurse, a technician, or an administrator. These workers are talented and dedicated and eager to do the right thing (most of the time). However, they “live” in the smallest box of a series of nested boxes.


It would be wonderful if the boxes fit in perfect alignment. However, the reality is more like:


Leaders at all levels in the system should be searching for answers to the following questions:

  • How will the economy (and its slow recovery) affect the healthcare industry?
  • How will your company respond to changes in the industry?
  • How will jobs have to change to respond to changes in company strategy?
  • Will the leaders and the workers have the skills needed for the job changes?

Most of the workers “in the trenches” simply want to do a good job, feel satisfaction, and have security. It’s up to the leaders in the government, the industry, the hospitals, the companies, etc. to make sure the people actually doing the work know why their jobs have to change.

Think about the turmoil surrounding healthcare; think about nested boxes. This is “creative destruction” at work and the system WILL (eventually) realign itself. What “pinch points” can you forecast as we reflect on the reality of changes to the system? What