Tuesday, 25 of October of 2016

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There is no more normal — part 2

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Humans are interesting, egocentric and forgetful. We also tend to have a little bit of the chicken-little DNA running through us. Therefore, we tend to act as if the current crisis is the worst there has ever, ever, ever been and, OMG, overyone should feel bad. Bull!

Time to take a lesson from my old gunnery sergeant. As a young Marine in the mid-1960s I was sitting in a class (in the mud) learning about how to act if caught in an ambush. (Very meaningful as I knew I would be in Vietnam in the next couple of months. But I digress.) Anyway, Gunny made it real simple: When caught in an ambush don’t sit around and think about it. MOVE!!  If you sit still you are dead. Period.

Many of your businesses have been ambushed by the banking crisis, the housing crisis, the economic crisis, the global crisis, the crisis crisis. OK, what are you going to DO? Not sure, talk to some of the “old timers” and ask them about past crises. (Believe me, this is not the first time some of them have experienced painful changes in how they make a living.)

After this is all resolved some smart people will sit down and write the history of the latest downturn. And they will note that the winners actually did something.

You, your career, your company are caught in an ambush. What are you going to do?