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Our work offers us great opportunities to expand our own thinking. We are happy to share with you our current views on selected topics. Feel free to select a topic of interest and we will email you a PDF of that paper.

Business Model Innovation: How Much?,  Plantes & Welter,  2012

ABSTRACT: The discussion of business model innovation has gone from being essentially non-existent a decade or so ago, to being a “required” leadership skill in today’s economy. This article discusses why leaders must constantly evolve their business mode

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Business Renovation,  Welter & Hopf,  2009

This paper describes twelve "off the rack" strategies for business renovation and their impact on your business model.

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Human Capital Strategy,  Welter & Schultz,  2008

Here's a paper that Jim Schultz and I wrote in response HR's quest to "sit at the strategy table"

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Making Better Decisions,  Bill Welter,  2010

Here is a paper I published in The Credit and Financial Management Review

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Preparing for the Future -- a Dozen Ideas,  Bill Welter,  2010

Sometimes we don't know how to prepare for the future. Here are a dozen suggestions from other situations.

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