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We've became a Broadcast Media Partner with The Larsen Group to record podcasts. Bill Welter and Dr. Zara Larsen in her "Circles of Change" radio program explore a variety of topics. These podcasts will give you a good example of how Adaptive Strategies and a Prepared Mind relates to your business.

Leadership Favors the Prepared Mind Leadership Favors the Prepared Mind: The great biosciences innovator Louis Pasteur once said “chance favors the prepared mind,” and so do people and organizations when it comes to change. Some are prepared for, while others succumb to change based on the presence and regular use of (lacking or being underutilized) eight skills: observe, imagine, reason, reflect, challenge, decide, learn and enable. While obvious or common sense, how often we overlook using them on a regular basis. 26:12 min
The “R” Words – Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition The “R” Words – Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition: Every product, business and career will rise, mature, and eventually decline in absence of rethinking, reinventing and repositioning. You are going to change or change is going to come to you, and you must get ready. The trick is not to let the strategic inertia of success take over, driving us to wait too long to take action. There are twelve strategies (such as a personality transplant or shifting your products to shift your brand, or taking a greater share of the wallet) that come from thinking about the customers you have and want, and the assets (hard and soft) that you will need to serve these customers. 25:30 min
Do You Want to Make Good Decisions? Do You Want to Make Good Decisions?: In spite of all of the writing and research behind good and bad decisions, we have a long way to go in the “real world” of decision making. Classically good decisions are: a) Informed (about the real problem, risk, alternatives), b) Timely (a late decision is usually worthless), c) Tailored (there is no “one size fits all” process), and d) Fair (all stakeholders have been considered). Success depends upon answering key questions, such as: Do you own the decision or are you renting it? Are you thinking “big enough?” Are you willing to engage in “violent, respectful debate?” Do you really have values or do you only talk about them? 25:39 min
Think Like a Strategist Think Like a Strategist: No matter what level you are in an organization, accepting change is an imperative in a world demanding faster and broader thinking. Success is for those who adopt the mindset of a strategist and take responsibility for their future. Work to balance your time commitment to take action in zones of reaction, adaptation and anticipation. Revisiting assumptions on a regular basis will prevent staying stuck in the past, even if it once netted great success, and open new questions to learn, remain relevant, spot and move forward to take advantage of opportunities. 25:57 min
The Sounds of Sound Thinking The Sounds of Sound Thinking: Good thinking requires reflection as a top priority, in particular examining our role in past successes and failures and using the insights for improvement. Thinking requires focus – not to be done amidst the today’s social bias of multi-tasking, which really is multi-distracting. Sound thinking moves us from day dreaming into doing. Bill outlines 15 precepts of good thinking, from recognizing the power of emotions as other pieces of evidence, to pondering what we don’t know but should, to appreciating that good thinking consumes time that is in proportion to the importance of the goal. Thinking IS work! 26:05 min
Solving the Problem of Problem Solving Solving the Problem of Problem Solving: Or shouldn’t that be the problem of challenge solving, so that we can reveal some of the greatest opportunities buried amidst the detours to our plans? Are you working on real problems or the symptom of problems by thinking wide enough – considering competing hypotheses and solutions that range from doing nothing to doing something risky or unconventional? Closing the gap between intentions and the successful execution of good solutions calls for having the right knowledge, a culture of truth speaking, keeping emotions (in particular fear) at bay, and managing our perceptions of reality. 26:46 min
Managing To Manage Projects Managing To Manage Projects: Why can't I get this project done on time, on schedule and under budget? Getting better at project management is a leadership issue. Is it a need for better software or management tools or is it a people issue? Are you managing to guidelines or to requirements? How to work to clarity and direction. To make sure things go right, does the client agree with your assumptions and the expectations of the requirements? Addressing scope creep and meeting change opportunities through project management execution plans. When the project is completed did you really address the business needs or did you just do a "feel good" solution to make the business happy? 20:49 min
A Company For Tomorrow A Company For Tomorrow: In this fast paced conversation Bill Welter discusses the 8 skills needed to prepare yourself and your company for tomorrow. Do you know how to make sense of the changes that need to be made and how to get your organization to move forward? Creative destruction is all around us; how do we manage change? Bill talks about the four futures facing us. Do you know what the future holds for you, your industry and the marketplace? Do you know how to analyze the future and do you have tools that will help you move forward with confidence? Four short questions that will challenge your thinking. Has your organization stopped challenging their leaders? Are your people afraid or comfortable? Which is worse and how can you change the culture in your organization? 23:44 min
Good Thinking Good Thinking: A conversation about thinking. How are you making decisions? Are you looking at the big picture or are you bogged down with minutiae? Bill discusses good thinking and offers tips on how to be a better thinker. A business leader gets results and thinks not just reacts. Are you and your company getting the right mix between reflection, imagination and play? Welter opens up the questions you need to ask to determine when it is play and how to leap from play to new opportunities. What four questions do you need to ask yourself and your team to get your leaders ready? 21:53 min


We've collaborated with My Quick Coach to record videos of some of the information we cover. These vidoes will give you a good example of what we can cover while working with your business.

Overview of Strategic Thinking Bill Welter explores the context and importance of strategic thinking in business. He explains how this is critical to your organization's success and your career, especially during times of change. He discusses the four tasks in a repeating cycle that you need to embrace to be a strategic thinker. 4:13 min
Eight Skills for Successful Leadership Are you prepared to lead in the future? Bill Welter provides eight critical skills that you will need to be successful in the organization of tomorrow. 5:01 min


We've recorded some Webninars that you may like to review. These webinars will give you a good example of what we can cover while working with your business.

Act! Close the Gap Between Intention & Execution Great strategic intention is useless until it is executed and made into business reality. Unfortunately, this “last mile” of strategy is hard to traverse. The future will be different from today. Do you have the right capabilities to bring you to the future and do you have enough of them? We also discuss the common barriers to great execution and identify ways that you can use to overcome them.

47:11 min
Decide - It's Your Job! - MindPrep Webinars by Bill Welter Preparing for the future requires more than estimated numbers entered into a spreadsheet. Get ready to explore and thoroughly vet the following five questions: what’s going on? What are our major challenges? What should we change? What can we change? Will our culture reject the change?

46:34 min
The Future is Now! MindPrep Webinars with Bill Welter Test your strategic thinking skills and make educated guesses about the future with the future is now! Presented by adaptive strategies. This is the first in a series of complimentary webinars to introduce savvy business executives to the sense response cycle® and make better business decisions in 2015.

47:26 min
Think! Make Sense of Your Evolving Reality Test your strategic thinking skills and make educated guesses about the future when you attend think! Make sense of your evolving reality presented by adaptive strategies. This is the second in a series of complimentary webinars to introduce savvy business executives to the sense response cycle® and make better business decisions in 2015.

50:17 min