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Adaptive Strategies currently has two locations. One in Bartlett, Illinois, USA (out side of Chicago, IL) and the other branch in Tucson, Arizona USA


Adaptive Strategies, Inc. - Bill Welter Photo - Bill Welter is a consulting-educator who helps organizations succeed by helping managers excel and prepare for their tomorrows.

Bill Welter

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Bill is a consulting-educator who helps organizations succeed by helping managers and professionals think more critically and strategically. He connects Louis Pasteur’s quote of “Chance favors the prepared mind” with today’s business realities.

He brings over 40 years of experience spanning four separate careers: military, engineering, consulting and education. He is the managing director of Adaptive Strategies, Inc. He is also a Fellow in Executive Education at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota; teaches for the Lake Forest School of Business, and is a faculty member for the Institute of Management Studies.

He is the lead co-author of The Prepared Mind of a Leader: Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions, and Solve Problems. (Jossey-Bass, 2006) This book was featured by 800CEORead, Harvard Management Update, and LeadershipNow.com. In 2008 he published MindLab: a Place to Think, a “little book” of thinking exercises and in 2010 he co-authored Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition, a book focused on business renewal.

He has an undergraduate degree in Socio-Technical Systems Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Masters in Business Administration from DePaul University.

He has served the following industries in a consulting or education role: advertising, aerospace, apparel, automotive, banking, beverage, building materials, chemicals, computers / office equipment, engineering / construction, financial, food, garment manufacturing, general manufacturing, general merchandisers, insurance, metal products, motor vehicles and parts, pharmaceuticals, printing, professional services, restaurants, and space technology.

Bill has collaborated with My Quick Coach to record some training videos. Recently Bill has Partnered with The Larrsen Group to record a podcast with more to come in the future. Preview some of them on our Videos and Podcast page.